Changing to a ZEB fleet

With the onset of stricter climate targets and new regulations, many transit agencies, governments, and utility companies are looking at zero emission buses (ZEB) as a sustainable solution. The challenge? Fleet changeover requires a new look at logistics and support facilities.

We use ZEBDecide, a planning tool composed of multiple modules, to provide solutions tailored to your needs. Using ZEBDecide, we can predict the performance of battery electric buses (BEBs) and hydrogen fuel cell electric buses (HFCEBs) by route and operating block. We can project total fuel demand, determine charging schedules, and access fueling station recommendations and power requirements.

The tool also supports cost evaluation, determining the ideal ratio of BEB and HFCEB in a fleet while reducing ownership costs. With ZEBDecide, you’ll better understand what your upgraded network requires. 

Knowing what you need

ZEBDecide predicts battery electric bus and hydrogen fuel cell electric buses performance through energy modeling. Plus, total fuel demand figures—for both electricity and hydrogen—are immediately available, and the required scheduling and output of your charging and hydrogen assets are tracked. Based on your system’s needs, ZEBDecide will recommend the ideal proportion of each technology type in your fleet.

How ZEBDecide helps

We provide a ZEB rollout plan with detailed information on how to transition your fleet from diesel or CNG/LNG to ZEB. This includes a cost/benefit analysis and a comprehensive scheduling and charging profile. From there, you can determine what’s best for your network.

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