Solid Waste Management

Let nothing go to waste

A shift to more sustainable and resilient solutions has fundamentally changed how communities and companies manage their solid waste. How? More often waste is being considered a resource. Stantec’s solid waste engineers, scientists, and regulatory specialists help clients with waste reduction, recycling, composting, waste-to-energy, and zero waste projects.

Our team works on the conceptualization, planning, design, and construction of waste management facilities through to the processing and disposal of waste—including closure, reclamation, and post-closure monitoring. We provide strategies for proper waste management systems, examining alternate delivery options and analyzing economics and financing to develop creative and sustainable systems. We’ve contributed engineering, permitting, materials testing, and many other services to projects across North America and internationally.

Atlanta’s Regional Zero Waste Energy Recovery Program

Stanec’s Dru Whitlock and City of Atlanta’s Mikita Browning discuss the ground-breaking zero waste and biosolids program that will serve a potential 5 million residents.

Surrey Biofuel Processing Facility

The City of Surrey runs a multi-channel Rethink Waste Program that helps residents and businesses separate waste into garbage, recycling, and organics—and the Surrey Biofuel Facility is one particularly notable component in that plan. The process converts collected kitchen and yard waste, along with commercial waste from across the region, into 100% renewable natural gas and compost. Read More

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park

With the area’s no mass burn policy, the Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Park needed a different solution to treat their household and business waste. The technologies to treat the waste involve three processes. Mechanical treatment extracts recyclables. Anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting convert food and organic waste into renewable energy and a compost-like output. And an advanced thermal treatment facility turns anything remaining into gas to generate high temperature steam that is converted to electricity in a turbine. Read More

Solid Waste and Recycling Rate Study

For over 15 years, we’ve served as the City of Sarasota’s water, sewer, and solid waste rate consultant. After our team conducted a solid waste revenue sufficiency analysis and rate study (examining a five-year period), we used our financial modeling system to develop a financial plan. The goal? Identify the level of rate adjustments the City would need to implement to satisfy revenue requirements in relation to annual cost escalation. Read More

Istanbul Waste Incineration Plant

Stantec was proudly involved as a consultant in the design phase of this state-of-the-art energy from waste power station built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance We have certified industrial hygienists, safety professionals, toxicologists, and other specialists developing practices that can limit your risks and liabilities.
Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work.
PFAS & Emerging Contaminants Our PFAS team helps assess and manage this group of chemical pollutants in line with evolving guidelines, standards, and regulations.
Power Engineering & Design Differences in communities, risks, technology, and markets need customized solutions. Our thermal generation, transmission and distribution, renewable energy, and telecommunications specialists help you find the best option for your needs.
Program & Project Management We know from experience that delivering a complex project without surprises doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but our creative approach to planning and controls can head off most problems.
Remediation & Revitalization We have the right team to solve the problems your project is facing, whether it be an ecological risk or need for an emergency response.
Sustainability Designs, initiatives, and projects that support a more sustainable world are how we’re going to reduce harmful impacts and secure our global future.
Sustainability & Building Performance We blend art and science to help clients realize the full potential of their projects in terms of life cycle cost, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, human health, and wellness.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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