Early identification of combined sewer and emergency overflows

Sewer Overflow Insights offers a real-time data analytics solution to the various aspects of combined sewer overflow (CSO) management. The tool learns how a CSO behaves, predicts how the CSO will act, and then compares the prediction to current CSO performance and alerts. 

This improved situational awareness supports operational decision making and informs the planning of short-term maintenance, long-term asset management decisions, and business planning for your water business. Machine learned analytics observe overflow, telemetry, and environmental data to detect if the likelihood of premature spill is increasing—enabling you to act quickly to mitigate or prevent the spill.

These analytics also inform the event duration monitoring (EDM) process and storm overflow assessment (SOAF) framework investigations. Sewer Overflow Insights support regulatory reporting of overflow performance (EDM) and can be offered as a service or embedded within your own cloud environment. 

Improving visibility of CSO performance

Real-time visibility of CSO spill frequency and the real time diagnosis of the cause of a spill enable you to make faster, more informed decisions in an efficient way. Sewer Overflow Insights is an affordable, flexible solution to gaining insight from big data sets that would otherwise require work-intensive manual assessment.

Eliminating CSO pollution

Managing CSOs to prevent incidents and reduce impacts on receiving waters is a challenge. Performance improvement is often hampered by poor quality or contradictory telemetry data that is difficult to interpret. Sewer Overflow Insights runs in real time to assess data quality and supports operational decisions by highlighting CSOs that are behaving abnormally. These analytics empower controllers and operators to make better decisions, enabling improved performance related to pollution commitments and outcome delivery incentives.

Meeting the regulatory EDM reporting requirement

Every water company has a regulatory requirement to report CSO spills. Sewer Overflow Insights reduces the manual input required by generating spill reports that are compliant with the UK Environment Agency’s 12/24-hour spill counting methodology. The tool also identifies periods of false spill, enabling a more informed commentary on the performance of each overflow. In addition, Sewer Overflow Insight’s real-time analytics help you identify when EDM equipment has malfunctioned, enabling you to act quickly and report more fully.

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