Identifying sustainable and cost-effective strategies

RoadMatrix™ is Stantec’s industry leading asset management tool for pavements. A simple yet powerful management solution, RoadMatrix™ provides a systematic, data-driven method of road condition data collection, storage, analysis, and modelling. It supports your decision-making when managing resources across a pavement network.

Leveraging over three decades of pavement research and pavement engineering experience, RoadMatrix™ was developed by engineers to support better investment decisions and meet your pavement performance objectives within budgetary, legislative, and other constraints. It’s a comprehensive tool that helps you plan based on three fundamental questions: What do I own? What is the current condition? How do I manage this network in the most cost-effective manner?

Pavement asset owners can start the analysis with a basic amount of data and include more data over time to refine the asset management plan. As more data is added, the system grows and evolves. Asset management plan treatments are selected according to engineering principals to increase benefits and reduce costs.

RoadMatrix™ provides plans that justify budget requests, showing which strategies will keep your pavement network in serviceable condition over a given period of time—for the least cost.

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Managing your pavement assets

A logically intuitive interface provides instant access to the network information. You can view and update information by street, district, parish, functional classification, and more. Store roadway geometry, traffic information, structural composition, and other attributes.

Aggregate your pavement inspection and work history data to view the current condition of your network. Understand the condition of any road, functional classification, ward, or parish today, and use the deterioration models to predict where it will be over the next 5, 10, or 20 years.

You can link geo-referenced right-of-way (ROW) images to RoadMatrix™ and access them through the mapping feature to create a virtual street view of the network. Complete virtual field trips, pre-engineering reviews, and more.

RoadMatrix™ supports roadway and right-of-way assets such as signs, pavement markings, guardrails, curbs, gutters, and fire hydrants. Store information on type, location, Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) code, condition, and more to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

RoadMatrix™ supports performance data from multiple industry-standard outputs. You can capture pavement surface distress, international roughness index (IRI), rutting, ground penetrating radar (GPR) layer thicknesses, and falling weight deflectometer (FWD) measurements.

You have the tools to evaluate various funding scenarios based on data-driven decisions with budget or condition-based constraints, creating budgets that achieve desired results. With this information, you can justify budget requests—show how much money you need, why, and what impact it will have on your road network.

Display your network information in a geospatial—and visually rich—environment. Our seamless, two-way integration with an Esri™ ArcMap geographic information system (GIS) database allows for creating work programs and analysis subsets.

Generate standard and custom reports for information needs across your business in tabular, chart, and graphical formats for effective communication. Communicate the effects of your investment decisions and the performance of your network against various measures.

Roadway assets are dynamic by their very nature. Users can input completed works programs, which ensures accurate condition, programming, and budgetary analysis. You can also use work history to make more-informed future treatment decisions.

Perform the right work at the right time. With RoadMatrix™ you can turn analysis results into data-driven asset management plans with detailed performance curves targeted to your goals and local environment.

Simplify your sidewalk asset management and safety and accessibility efforts. You can inventory and maintain your pedestrian sidewalks and ramps, capture performance—including ADA compliance—spend smarter, and reduce risk.

Integrate maintenance management systems with RoadMatrix™ to enhance information sharing for operational and strategic planning. RoadMatrix™ has the capability to integrate with any asset management software currently on the market.

Sustainability at our core

Transportation asset owners are adopting a triple bottom line approach to asset management—balancing their environmental, social, and economic priorities. This holistic approach centers the impacts of proposed activities, moving projects towards sustainability. Preventative maintenance and rehabilitation treatments require fewer raw materials and less construction effort, and construction duration is typically shorter. RoadMatrix™ ensures a state of good repair and a sustainable future for your pavement assets and your community.


Pavement asset owners are varied and diverse. RoadMatrix™ isn’t just for municipal or local governments—this tool can be used to support school boards, utility operators, transit stations, waste management facilities, private roadways, private parking lots, and more. Download our brochure
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