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Meet the GenerationAV™ Team

May 31, 2022

On the journey to autonomy, where do you start? Who do you turn to? Learn from our experts what’s important on your autonomous vehicle (AV) journey.

Corey Clothier, Founder and Director

Corey knows that there is no better time than today to plan for your AV future. He’s worked in the research and development of AVs as a strategist and consultant and has led  more than three dozen projects related to AVs. If anyone knows when to start thinking about AVs, it’s him. Learn more from Corey:

Marie-France Laurin, Director of Business Development

The initial step when planning  any AV project is to define the vision. Marie-France loves sharing the value AV can bring to communities and collaboratively uncovering a client's vision. Why is it important to start with a vision? Learn more from Marie-France:

Neal Hemenover, Director of Product Development

Neal is passionate about showing clients the value of AV technology and the impact it can have on your community and environment. He applies our team’s real world AV experience with our guides and resources so you can envision, execute, evaluate, and monitor the success of your AV deployment. What do these guides and resources look like? Learn more from Neal:

  • Corey Clothier

    The future of mobility is Corey’s passion. A mobility strategist, Corey works to commercialize automated vehicle and other innovative approaches to improving mobility for our businesses, cities, governments, and industries.

    Contact Corey
  • Marie-France Laurin

    Marie-France leads business development activities for Stantec GenerationAV™, our autonomous vehicle (AV) consulting arm focused on accelerating AV adoption. She’s spent most of her career exploring mobility trends, technologies, and providers.

    Contact Marie-France
  • Neal Hemenover

    As director of product development, Neal helps clients adapt their thinking and approach to respond to evolving environments when it comes to smart mobility. He recently spent 5 years deploying autonomous vehicles across North America.

    Contact Neal
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