Inclusion & Diversity

Leading with inclusion brings our work to the next level

At Stantec, we create opportunity by inviting, embracing, and celebrating differences. This goal remains at the heart of our efforts to champion inclusion and diversity throughout our organisation. To achieve that goal, we must continue to build an inclusive workplace that empowers and inspires but also attracts and nurtures the very best talent from all over the world.

We champion inclusion for two reasons. First, because it’s the right thing to do; everyone deserves the freedom to bring their whole selves to work without fear of judgment or discrimination. And second, because an inclusive workplace culture attracts and invites the full spectrum of talent into the organisation.

At Stantec, we recognise the importance of the distinct experiences and perspectives our people bring to the workplace each day and every day. Inclusion means valuing the distinct talent flourishing within, and that’s an important component to building a more innovative and prosperous Stantec.

We strive to work with experts in their respective fields across the UK to partner with great people who are passionate about Inclusion and Diversity and the difference it truly makes to our organisation. By engaging fully with groups of people who strive for change we can really encourage all employees to show up to work and be their true self!

Driving Change

We hope to maximise potential, draw on talents, and achieve organisational goals by valuing differences and creating a productive environment. Proactively, we are working on addressing the issues that affect our gender pay gap, supporting grassroots organisations that promote inclusion and diversity, and providing all employees, including leadership and hiring managers with tools to foster a more inclusive, diverse and equitable workforce. Join our Team

Vision for the Future

We want our community to be inspirational—a place that attracts the best and brightest, where everyone feels free to be true to themselves. Harnessing the power of all the characteristics that make us who we are is vital to our success. We design with community in mind, and to genuinely fulfil that promise, we need to be representative of the many communities we serve.

Celebrating Difference

By encouraging our community through our employee resource groups, it allows them to express themselves and proactively be involved in groups which mean something to them personally, be it as an active member or an ally. Promoting inclusion for those internally and those who are new to the company. We actively promote Pride within our workplace by taking place in Pride celebrations across the UK.

Stantec launches new Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group (ERG)

The Neurodiversity UK ERG was set up to represent neurodivergent employees and those with neurodivergent children and families seeking support in the UK. The ERG will raise awareness, provide a safe and supportive space, and an employee voice to challenge the business and define its strategy. Read More
We aim to be a place and employer of opportunity for all people.
ERG Chapters
Of Employees

Our employee resource groups operate around the world.
We’ve provided in-person unconscious bias training on four continents.
Of surveyed Stantec employees, 87% stated that they feel like they work in an inclusive environment.

Inclusion & Diversity councils

Members of the I&D Council reflect the diversity we hope to achieve across the company; they come from different cultures, have different outlooks, and possess a wide variety of life experiences. They have one job as Council members: to support our Inclusion & Diversity strategy. Council members drive the creation of practices, goals, and objectives that help us become an organization where every individual feels welcome and valued. The Councils have an unwavering focus on strengthening our inclusive culture and making a difference. Meet Our Council

Unconscious bias

Even people who enthusiastically embrace diversity can fall victim to unconscious bias, also known as implicit bias, a preference for or prejudice against a person or group. Unconscious bias creates barriers to inclusion, performance, engagement, attraction, retention, promotions, and innovation. Our strategy? Deliver training to our teams that helps them identify and overcome these biases. With this training, we can build a more inclusive culture that provides the opportunities and environments necessary for everyone to thrive.

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