Extracting the maximum value through resource recovery

The UK government is committed to driving economic growth, reducing the deficit and increasing UK exports. Moving towards a more circular economy can contribute to this and is essential for future growth, increased resilience and environmental and human health. Stantec supports a range of clients in this sector extracting greater value from waste as well as increasing resource efficiency and energy recovery.

The UK energy business is changing rapidly. We assist our clients across the industry to shape and improve transitional and future energy projects.

John Ord Business Director, Energy & Resources

Istanbul Waste Incineration Plant

Stantec is proudly involved as a consultant in the design phase of the construction of this state-of-the-art Energy from Waste power station being built by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Explore the Climate Solutions wheel

We know our greatest influence on improving climate outcomes stems from the creative, innovative, and integrated Climate Solutions we provide to our clients and communities. We see the linkages between climate risk, climate action, climate adaptation and GHG mitigation. Our approach is summarised in the Climate Solutions Wheel. Explore how we can support your journey towards a carbon neutral future. Learn More

Finding and implementing climate solutions

Do you need to understand your climate-related risks, develop roadmaps or set climate action goals? With Stantec’s systems-based climate advisory services, we help our clients foresee potential impacts climate change can have on projects, acting as a guide through resilience and adaptation planning, and revealing the value mitigation programs can offer. Read More

How VR and AR are transforming the world of energy and resources

New design technologies give you the ability to, quite literally, see into the future of your project. Read More

Climate repair and geo-engineering

The role of geo-engineering and climate repair will continue to grow to support the climate mitigation and adaptation of the coming decade. To achieve global targets to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on our planet, direct action on removal of CO2 is required. Our teams of engineers and planners are working on a range of projects that target greenhouse gas removal. This includes afforestation techniques, landscape management as well as advance technology such as carbon negative power.


Asset Management Stantec’s Asset Management community think in systems which coupled with our global reach, enables us to provide subject-matter expertise across our clients’ entire portfolio/asset lifecycle and throughout the surrounding environment.
Digital Design & Engineering Technology is reshaping the way we approach design. Our digital practice team helps us push the boundaries of practice, leveraging the power of technology to deliver transformational results for our clients.
Engineering & Technical Services We create communities by planning, developing, designing, and implementing the infrastructure needed to sustain their growth.
Environmental Consulting Our environmental consultants work closely alongside our planners, engineers and economists to integrate environmental considerations into all stages of the design process.
Ground Engineering Our holistic life-cycle approach to ground engineering services means we create solutions with value and precision to achieve our client’s goals.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Our ultimate goal is to preserve the planet, one building at a time, through energy efficient designs that use less and do more for our clients. Our electrical engineering designs keep safety, energy efficiency and dependability top of mind.
Planning Services With a reputation for providing commercially astute advice and technical solutions, we create value for our clients.
Structural Engineering We deliver reliable, solid, and beautiful structures that withstand the test of time.
Programme Management & Integrator Services Stantec provide a variety of professional services to our clients to support the delivery of major capital investment programmes, including the integration of large enterprise alliances.
Transport Assessments Our understanding of the wider transport context has allowed us to unlock many complicated sites for future development.
Waste Advisory & Management Our teams provide advice on the planning, permitting & management of waste and waste facilities.

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