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Meeting communities and stakeholders at public consultations is a vital part of the planning process. Given the restrictions on public gatherings as a result of COVID-19, we’ve launched Community Engage–a cost-effective solution for delivering public consultations online, that meets legislative requirements and enhances community engagement.

Whether hosted on your website or independently by Stantec, our planning and engagement experts will work with you to make a strategic case for your project and replicate the consultation experience with project display boards, live chat, video clips and orthographic 3D models. Using 360-degree photography we can even create custom environments of real-life venues. 

We understand the need to demonstrate the project has been presented to a wide range of stakeholders within the community and complement this offering with a range of digital community outreach options to ensure you reach the right audience. These include highly targeted social media advertising by demographic and location, digital advertising with local media and online engagement with community groups and key influencers. For contentious projects, we can also set up and manage independent social media channels for your consultation to minimize online reputational risk to your organization.

Engaging with your audience

Our digital team will work with you to use online platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and local publications to reach the right audience at the right time. Targeted advertising campaigns, partnerships with community influencers, and engaging local groups will help raise awareness around virtual consultations. We can also mitigate risk to your organization by setting up and managing dedicated social media channels for contentious projects—meaning it’s business as usual across your own social media accounts.

Data and analytics

Anonymous website traffic is captured using embedded tracking, allowing us to understand unique and repeat visits, country and region of origin, and timing of visits. With online forms and a series of tailored questions, visitors provide feedback and can volunteer personal data, which is held for the duration of the project then deleted in accordance with GDPR legislation. The statistics and comments are then aggregated and provided without identifying data in a report that can accompany your project submission.

Designing your consultation

Our virtual consultation tool is designed around you. We’ll listen to your requirements and present a menu of options and recommendations that will meet your consultation objectives. Our innovative approach to digital outreach allows for a fast and accurate understanding of the issues that are important to your stakeholders. We’ll analyze participant feedback, identify trends, and include web analytics with visitor traffic and demographics to demonstrate the value and integrity of the data.

Hear from the creators of Community Engage

Gus Sukkurwala, innovation principal, and Mark Johnston, director of planning, spoke about Community Engage on our podcast. Listen Here

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